From chapter one of Red Swans. Starring Caterina Nonis, Elizabeth Meinders, Amberlee Lynn, Scarlett Savoe, and Miles Joyner.

Trailer for chapter one of Red Swans. Music: “Every Night” by Josef Salvat.

Ronee Blakley

I saw “A Nightmare On Elm Street” for the first time a couple weeks ago and sad to say I hadn’t missed much. Seemed like if “Halloween” had been made by an ersatz Dario Argento and was none too scary. It wasn’t bad, it had a few alright moments, at least one of which which was ruined by my having seen it on one of those “Scariest Movie Moments” shows. Maybe some of the sequels deliver the goods; to be fair I rarely find “scary” movies to be scary and I like “Scream” and particularly “Red Eye” a lot, and for whatever record I use the homepage wallpaper Wes Craven designed for Google Chrome, the bird talons thing, at least when I use Chrome which is almost never (but quite the fitting collabo seeing as how stalkerlicious Google is). But none of this is what this post is about: I had no idea Ronee Blakley was in “A Nightmare On Elm Street.” I had just been listening to the “Nashville” soundtrack the night before; in the booklet for “Orphans” I’m wearing a Ronee Blakley T-shirt I made. Anyone who’s seen “A Nightmare On Elm Street” should be made aware, I dare say, that the woman who plays the alcoholic mother is not only a brilliant actress but a phenomenal singer and songwriter as well. In the clip from “Nashville” I’ve attached (I couldn’t find a high-enough quality one on YouTube so I hacked it myself), she’s not just performing some (GORGEOUS) song in some movie, and performing it astonishingly; she fucking wrote it.

The film itself is a masterpiece. See it, even if you don’t like country music, blah blah blah, it ain’t my main squeeze neither.


Originally posted November 2010

Eve Egoyan - Cold Pieces: Cock-eyed Dances: II

From “Erik Satie: Hidden Corners.”


Me - Outside the Gates. Recorded April 2007. From “The Head of John the Baptist,” a record I never released. Vidcap 9/16/12.

Tower Five, a one-act play I wrote last year. Performed by Words Players Theatre, October 29th, 2011.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thought I’d get rid of some stuff, pack up some things so I could drop them off at that thrift store, Savers. Was going through some books and added The Andy Warhol Diaries to the pile, the stack of things I was going to do away with. Figured I’d read the last pages, you know, the last entry (laughs), I wanted to know how it ends. I had never finished it, like everyone else, I had got about halfway through. I’d pick it up every now and then. I remember thinking maybe I shouldn’t get rid of it because “Sao’s Foxes,” the first song I ever wrote, I took the title from that book, somewhere in there he mentions “the eyes of Sao’s foxes,” “I thought the eyes of Sao’s foxes were real but turns out they’re fake,” something like that. Then I noticed (laughs), there was a bookmark in it. Page 462-463 so yeah about halfway through. So I read the end—it’s really good (laughs). And then I started reading it from where I left off and decided to keep it, it’s just so fun and easy to read.

Walked to Barnes and Noble, figured I’d see what Interview is up to ($6). They really need to turn the heat up in the skyway, it’s so cold, it’s just crazy. Didn’t actually buy anything. Oh did I tell you I saw Sympathy for Lady Vengeance the night before. It was okay, it wasn’t as good as the other two. It wasn’t diabolical.


The Williamsburg Waterfront, Brooklyn 10/15/2010.

The Williamsburg Waterfront, Brooklyn 10/15/2010.

Dance skaters in Central Park on glorious September 25th 2010. Lord knows I would have kept filming, the skaters were great - well not all, but at least a few of those who were not were still highly, er, memorable - and so was the music. I had taken some pictures earlier in the day and when I closed the LCD screen on my camera I thought it would go into standby for a few minutes and then turn off, apparently this is only the case if you are in video mode, in camera mode it just stays in standby, at least that’s what happened to me. So we get to the subway and I take my camera out and it’s superwarm and I realize it’s been on for a couple hours or so and the battery is almost drained. When I shot this my camera was telling me I had a minute of juice left and that was that.